My First Barre Class


A few weeks ago, I decided to try barre class for the first time at the Pure Barre studio near me. My boyfriend’s mom has been doing it for awhile and highly recommended it, and invited me to give it a try with her! The first class is free, so I thought, why not?

So I walk in, get signed in, and take my spot. There is a resistance band and a small exercise ball waiting for me. Every girl in this class was ripped. I mean the fittest girls I’ve ever seen.

I was a little overly confident in my abilities. After all, I do zumba twice a week, run, and am pretty active most days, and am a former dancer, I’ll be great! But this was a strength class and a whole new monster.

We began with a warm up. It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done! Planks, pushups, arm weight exercises. It might have been harder than the actual workout. The rest of the class we switched between barre exercises and stretching on the floor. Barre is all about small, purposeful movements that work every part of your body. There were some excruciating moments, and I’m pretty sure I blacked out at one point because it was so intense! By the time class was over, I was exhausted and glad to be done! I could already feel the sore muscles starting. I thought, never again.

I was sore for a good two days, mostly my arms and abs. So much sore. Ouch. Why did I do this to myself?

Yet…I did my second class last night. I guess I’m a masochist.

(note, 2nd class was much easier and I’m not as sore! yay!)

Conclusion. Barre class is painful as heck especially if you have little muscle strength. But it’s a great workout!

See you at the barre.


No sugar, no grains.


I decided to try giving up sugar and grains for a week. I hit a weight loss plateau, and needed something to get my body moving again. Well, it worked. I lost 4 pounds in a week after not losing anything for 2 months! Simply incredible.

Now, I don’t see this being a long term lifestyle, because I love food. I like having a cheat day every once in awhile, and I love sandwiches. But it really opened my eyes to the amount of sugar in everything. I went to my boyfriend’s dad’s for a barbecue, and was in charge of bringing the sauce. What did I find? There was not a single sugar free or high fructose corn syrup free sauce. Even the organic kind had sugar. I settled on a Hawaiian marinade, which actually turned out to be pretty tasty. It’s crazy the amount of little things in our food that have added sugar. Things that you wouldn’t normally think of, like yogurt, bread, and condiments.

I decided to try going grain free simply as a way to cut out carbs and get out of the rut I was in. The combination of that and giving up sugar really worked.

Here is some grain free bread I made! (Ok so it was a mix, but pretty tasty! I recommend if you are gluten free)


I also stepped up my workouts. I increased my running and tried running new and more challenging places.


I will continue to limit my sugar and grain intake, but probably not cut it out completely. It was a fun experiment and definitely showed results!

I’m starting to train for my next 5k in September, and I’m really excited! Gotta keep pushing though and keep on running!

Running, Biking, PiYo!


I love running! I even hit a personal record on my most recent 5K!

Irish 5K

But lately I’ve been wanting to try other things. I hit a weight loss plateau, and needed a change. My roommate got a new bike, and kindly gave me her old one! I got it fixed up, and went on my first long bike ride this week. Almost 7.5 miles! I am very luck to live close to the Cuyahoga Valley National Park, which has plenty of bike trails! I even got to stop for a rest at the beautiful Indigo Lake 🙂


I also gave in to the Beachbody trend. I have some friends who are coaches, so I thought I’d give it a try! They have a new program called PiYo, which if you couldn’t guess, is a mix of pilates and yoga. It is low impact strength training, something I need to work on! And I love it! I took yoga in college, so I was already familiar with a lot of the moves. It is like yoga, amped up with movement. It’s difficult, but fun and gratifying.

I’m starting to see my weight go down again. I’m only about 15 pounds from my goal, and I’m not ready to quit! Sometimes you get into a routine, and your body gets used to it. It’s good to changes things up every once in awhile!

Stay tuned. I’m going sugar-free for a week, and am interested to see the results! Until next time.

1st 5K Complete!


I did my first 5K on Saturday, and it was amazing! It was Run or Dye in Cleveland, which is one of the color runs. It wasn’t timed, so it was a great first 5K to do – no pressure. I estimate it took about 45 minutes to complete. Between walking, running, and stopping at the color stations, that’s not too bad!

Here’s my before and after pic!



I had so much fun!

I also just registered for my 2nd 5K today. This one is timed and no crazy color powder, so the pressure is on now! I’m excited to see how I’ll do. I’m not looking to win, just to finish in a timely manner 🙂 Can’t wait!

First 5k!


I’ve been slacking in blogging lately…but that’s because I’ve been busy training! I completed the Couch to 5K program about 3 weeks ago, and have been doing speed training since. My first 5K is tomorrow, and I’m so excited! It’s a Run or Dye race, which is a color run, so I don’t know how much running there will be, but it should be fun! I’ve got another 5K in May, and that one is timed, so that will be the real test!

I know I said I wouldn’t use the scale…but I cheated. The good news is I am about 23 pounds down from my highest weight, and that is so exciting! 

I also started a Twitter today. I needed somewhere just to post all my motivational things, recipes, workouts, etc. without clogging up my personal account. So feel free to follow me @katygetsfit 🙂 

Week 7!


Wow! I can’t believe I’m at Week 7 of Couch to 5K already. This week, it’s all 25 minute runs with a 5 minute warmup and cool down. I did day 1 today, and nailed it. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before, but I’m doing most of the program on a treadmill. The weather in Northeast Ohio has been snowy, cold, and icy. We are in for one more bout of cold weather with below zero wind chills this week, so hopefully after that, I can take my training outside! Running outside has always been harder for me than the treadmill, so it will be interesting to see how far I can go. I sort of failed on the healthy eating part this weekend. Ice cream, chips and dip, chocolate….oh well. A day or two won’t kill me, I’m right back at it today. I’ve discovered a new pancake recipe that I tried, and it’s amazing! It’s literally just 2 eggs and a banana. I am pretty sure it’s my new favorite breakfast. Or dinner. Or lunch. I also made “homemade” Chipotle yesterday – corn salsa, cilantro and lime rice, grilled chicken, tomatoes, and a little bit of cheese. It turned out delicious! I’ll be taking the leftovers to work for lunch tomorrow. I do pretty well with healthy eating during the week, but weekends are rough. I like to go out and hang out with my friends and boyfriend, and that usually includes dinner with fried appetizers, drinks, and general unhealthy food. I know I need to work on making better choices at restaurants. 


I’m ready for another week of training and trying to learn healthier eating habits. I went to the store and bought lots of fruits and veggies for lunches! I added in a few organic items too. I like trying new things, and I am trying to transition to organic groceries. I can’t do everything; it’s just too expensive! But adding in organic items here and there feels good. Someday, when I’m super rich (HA!), I will be able to buy all organic! But for now, I’ll do what I can and buy the best foods for me, and stay away from the snack aisles! 




Week 5 Day 3


I finished week 5 day 3 of C25K today! I was dreading it all day. This is the week where things get real. 3 5-minute runs Sunday. 3 8-minute runs on Tuesday. Then a 20 minute run today. 20 MINUTES. If you would have asked me to run for 20 minutes straight 2 months ago, I would have laughed. But you know what? I DID IT! I didn’t even stop! The last 2 minutes, I had a huge cramp in my side, but I wasn’t going to get that close and stop…so I did it! I feel great! My legs are feeling a little sore, in a good way. I feel like I worked really hard. I also realized I passed the halfway point this week! 

I am so excited for all these positive changes in my life. On a non-fitness note, I am getting back into music. I used to play all the time in coffee shops and local places around town through high school and college. Since I graduated, I haven’t even been practicing much. I have been replacing Facebook time with guitar time these past few weeks, and it feels great. I splurged with a little bit of tax refund money and bought a new guitar, and I can’t wait until it gets here! I’ve been wanting this brand (an Ovation) for a few years, and I found a great deal! Cannot. Wait.

I feel inspired.